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APR Roofing - Solar Panel Cleaning - Solar Panel Bird Protection

Providing Professional Quality Roofing & Solar Panel Cleaning & Bird Protection

APR Roofing is family owned and operated roofing company servicing Los Angeles, Orange, San Fernando, San Gabriel & Antelope Valleys. Owner Andy P. Ramos, with his extensive contruction experience, the last 20 years specializing in roofing, and his son Andre D. Ramos, with over 10 years of experience in residential & commercial roofing takes pride in providing their clients quality roofing and excellent service.

APR Roofing employs only experienced and professional roofers who take pride in providing property owners quality roofing. All of our work is done in house, no sub-contractors or day laborers from off the street or from the parking Lot at your local home improvement store. APR Roofing ensures that all debris and waste from your projects are transported safely and disposed of at approved waste facilities. All Re-Roof work is guaranteed.

APR Roofing provides Professional quality roofing for Commercial, Residential, HOA’s and New Construction Projects. We work with only the top Materials Suppliers in the Industry and we insure that when your delivery is being made it will be handled in a safe manner as to prevent injury or personal damage to your property. When you hire APR Roofing you will never have to worry about your roof again, enjoy the Rainy Days.




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